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According to a leaker, Apple will make horizontal iPad Pro mode the new standard.

According to a reliable leaker, a horizontal iPad Pro orientation is poised to become the new standard in future generations.

There are now many ways for an iPad to indicate that vertical – or portrait – mode is the default, rather than horizontal or landscape…

The Apple logo, like the text, is positioned vertically on the back of the iPad. When held vertically, the camera is at the top of the iPad, but in landscape mode, it sits to one side and is frequently obscured by fingers or thumbs.

With Apple increasingly promoting the iPad as a sort of computer, as well as the success of the Magic Keyboard, it makes more sense to rethink things such that horizontal use becomes the norm.

Apple has already taken a tiny step in this way by reorienting its startup logo horizontally rather than vertically. When you go to the Apple website and search for iPad Pro, the first three photos you get are all horizontal.

The business will make hardware adjustments to reflect this new normal, according to leaker Dylandkt, but he isn’t sure when.

Future iPad Pro’s will feature a horizontal camera placement and a horizontally placed Apple logo on the back. Apple will make landscape mode the default for iPad Pro usage. I have not confirmed whether the next generation model will have this feature but it is in the works.

This makes great sense to me. The majority of the time, I use my iPad in horizontal mode. That holds true for me regardless of whether I’m utilizing the gadget for consumption or producing. E-books, Netflix, and web surfing are the most popular forms of entertainment. Writing is the most important aspect of creation, which is done on the Magic Keyboard, of course.

It’s noteworthy that Dylan only mentions the iPad Pro; it seems unusual to me that Apple would do this for the Pro devices but not the rest of the line.

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